i’ve suddenly had my eyes opened to the fact that i am a huge fucking pretentious dick about minecraft

can’t believe it took me this long to realize it


Earlier Sketches of my little blackbird demon, Lonan.

okay is the psn server just slow as shit right now bc of all the sales going on??? i’m trying to update my store so i can get tokyo jungle and it never progresses past 1% and i’ve restarted the download at least 5 times

in other news i’ve devolved to using text smilies again THANKS A LOT DYLAN

sure would be cool if i could download this gotdang ps store update but my ps3 is doing it’s classical infinite loading time shtick

i’m gonna

ask my mom if i can get tokyo jungle

it looks so incredible and it’s only a dollar………………


unleash hell for just $1.50


unleash hell for just $1.50

hhhHHHHHHHH what if it turns out leonard had another son out of wedlock and it’s sp8

sarufish replied to your post: i need to go to lexington soon i need …

you were gonna lend me sly cooper but i don’t remember what else??? also……rwby………

i remember rwby!! i’m gonna look for it next time i go out. i was also gonna give you chocobo tales but that’s not lending bc it’s for you to have forever. i’ll also probably send mirror’s edge back because i„„„ don’t think i’m gonna play it again„„„„„„„„„„„„